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September 23, 2017

Today’s word-New King James Version

Mark 10:28-30

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 23

Thought for today// Another area Jesus dealt with during His ministry was the return a person would receive on their giving, whether finances, merchandise or property. This ties in a little with the story of the talents because everyone has different amounts of stuff to be responsible for. In this particular story it begins with Peter questioning the Master about the rich and what a challenge it would be for them to enter the kingdom. Obviously, he and the other disciples were not beggars when Jesus called them but business owners and hard workers. Because Peter knew this he wanted to know what Christian life and BIBLICAL PROSPERITY would be like for them and people like them. Jesus made it clear that anyone who would follow Him from their heart and promote the gospel would be in for a tremendous return. When the Word speaks of leaving dads, moms, spouses, children, houses, lands, or all else, it is all about priorities not disregard for those being left. You can be around all these I’ve mentioned but still be in a place where the Lord and the gospel are your focus. It also makes it clear when you are doing what the Word says and what the Master says you will find yourself surrounded with multiplied people of like-precious faith as well as multiplied resources. This is BIBLICAL PROSPERITY at its best. You honor the Father and He sees that you are surrounded with everything you will need.

Pray this// Father, as always I know You honor those who are obedient, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this// No matter the pressure from promoting the gospel, I will be blessed.

Scripture reading//Acts 26//1 John 5


September 24, 2017

Today’s word-New King James Version

Mark 4:20

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 24

Thought for today// Before we move on let me remind you that based on yesterday’s story the Father is always going to reward those who honor Him in a much greater way than they could achieve themselves. The great thing about Jesus revealing the fact we would have pressure is knowing according to John 16:33 He has already overcome the world and its pressure. Quickly, the story of the sower in Mark 4 shows us again the power of the acted on Word of God as it pertains to return. Jesus said that those whose hearts were good ground or receptive and willing to do the Word would bear a harvest. Now I believe like the story of the talents the amount of harvest is based on where an individual is, what the needs are, and what level of faith they are personally operating in. When PK and I were young in the ministry we had a chance to sow a hundred and fifty dollar offering, in faith, when we really didn’t have the money. The Father met us right where we were and showed us that He had our back and would be the one we could trust in as long as we honored what He told us to do. It wasn’t two weeks until we had received fifteen thousand dollars as a confirmation of His Word and the amount of return He promised. I believe there are many factors that create this opportunity, but it begins with the heart and then the circumstance. The thirty, sixty, hundred-fold principle is not some “you can have it when you want it” scheme.

Pray this// Father, I know You have a solution for every circumstance so I will be led by You in all my sowing, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this// BIBLICAL PROSPERITY is not a gimmick but a God-ordained principle.

Scripture reading//Acts 27//2 John 1


September 25, 2017

Today’s word-New King James Version

Mark 4:15-19

Thought for today// In the same story of the hundred-fold return Jesus had already talked about some heart soil that was contaminated. This is very revealing because there are Christians that don’t realize the soil of their hearts can become infested just like their yards or fields. I want you to make note that all the soils we mention today produce no harvest. The first heart type is hard and even when the Word is heard, it is immediately stolen by the enemy. The next type I see as highly emotional and when things get rough they get offended and move on. The third is the one where the heart soil is paying too much attention to what’s going on and the pressure to do things the world’s way instead of God’s way. These individuals begin to focus more on what the world has to offer as well as what they need to be doing to take care of themselves instead of letting the Father be their Father. Being deceived by money and the power it carries with it is also a major distraction that will eventually take this person out. I can’t count the number of people I’ve seen over the last thirty-nine years, yes before and after we pioneered the church, who got caught up in the glamour of wealth and the deception that can come from having money and what it can buy. This is not an indictment against them but a confirmation of the Word as to what can happen and a warning for us to be good ground so we can be biblically prosperous.

Pray this// Father, I will be wise in my choices so I don’t get stolen from, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this// Only one soil produces, good soil in a good heart, and my goal is to maintain good soil.

Scripture reading//Acts 28//3 John 1

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 25


September 26, 2017

Today’s word-New King James Version

Thought for today// How many of you are familiar with Philippians 4:19? I’ve heard people quote that verse and stand on that verse but yet always seem to have needs in their life that aren’t met. Well, is God a liar or is there something wrong with our understanding of this principle? I believe the latter is the issue, certainly not the former. It’s real easy to get some encouraging verses and begin to quote them and memorize them but not research the context they have been written in, and thereby miss out on their benefit or benefits. This happens to be one of many that does not stand alone in its ability to do what it says. Honestly, all verses need to be rightly divided and received in context of the context in which they were written. In other words we can’t look at the Word in a casual way but instead with the desire to know and do what it takes for it to work in our lives. In this particular verse you must go back to at least verse fifteen in order to see that the church at Philippi was the only one that gave resources to the Apostle Paul to conduct his ministry. Paul said they continued to help him even though it wasn’t for his sake but the sake of the gospel. He made it clear that he was able to do what he was doing under any circumstances but by their giving they were setting themselves up for blessings. He said their giving was going to abound to their account not to his. So without much need for revelation we can see by these few verses that no one and no church can expect the Father to supply all their needs if they aren’t giving and assuring themselves of enjoying His way of BIBLICAL PROSPERITY.

Pray this// Father, I know the Word must be rightly divided and abided by, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this// BIBLICAL PROSPERITY is not just knowing a verse but obeying the Word.

Philippians 4:15-19//Romans 1//Jude

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 26


September//27/2017 Today’s word-New King James Version

Thought for today

Earlier in the same book of Philippians we looked at yesterday Paul gave us some insight as to how BIBLICAL PROSPERITY looks in the real world. He obviously had embarked on his gospel mission at the call of the Father and had a great opportunity, as we do, to walk by faith and not by sight. Now his switch from a church hater to a church builder created a lot of tension and pressure from the Pharisees who once respected him. The fact that you and I can look at his ministry should be a great example to us of what a real conversion and commitment looks like. So in verse ten and eleven of chapter fourteen we see Paul talking to the church about the resources they had sent him and how much it meant to him. He was so gracious because he never put pressure on the churches for help but simply presented an opportunity as well as the benefits. What has really gotten my attention over the years is seeing by revelation how the Father always took care of His men and women without them begging anyone or promising anyone anything in order to get help; the way Paul and the others both in the Old and New Testament paint a perfect picture of what true faith and trust in the Father looks like. In verse eleven Paul made it perfectly clear he would never see himself wanting but rather walked in contentment no matter the situation. The content defined is independent of external circumstances. That family is BIBLICAL PROSPERITY.

Pray this

Father, I am so grateful I can count on You for everything, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this

Faith in God will produce for me what man can’t.

Philippians 4:10-11//Romans 2//Matthew 1

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 27


September//28/2017 Today’s word-New King James Version

Thought for today

Yesterday when I mentioned having faith in God that was simply to remind us that in everything we do He should be our first consideration. True BIBLICAL PROSPERITY must be an extension of our faith, which works by love, which in turn produces peace with no fear or worry. Honestly, BIBLICAL PROSPERITY is no different than any biblical opportunity. They take faith and obedience not charisma and brilliance. Those with much human wisdom are not easy candidates for the kingdom and its principles. Likewise, those who have done well financially are, according to Jesus, reachable, but only by the grace and power of God. This of course is no different than having more trust in whatever, rather than heartfelt hunger and desire for the things of God. When a person is systematically learning and doing the Word of God they will find many things in the new covenant that point to how the kingdom actually works. When we think of the possibility of BIBLICAL PROSPERITY becoming our main focus then we are headed in the wrong direction. We already saw that you can’t serve God and money so there is no reason to be fooled in that way. Sure it’s great when there’s a miraculous financial occurrence, but the Father wants financial compliance and spiritual reliance on Him for everything not just stuff. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 16, Mark 8, and Luke 9, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul or become a cast away?” Selah...think about that.

Pray this

Father, it all comes back to You and knowing You are a rewarder, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this

Without faith it is impossible to please God; if it’s not from Him it’s not for Him.

Mark 11:22//Romans 3//Matthew 2

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 28


September//29/2017 Today’s word-New King James Version

Thought for today

I want to take these last two days and go over some things Paul taught the church at Corinth. They are fairly elementary but honestly that’s where most people find themselves messing up. There are obviously certain things you must know about BIBLICAL PROSPERITY if you are going to put yourself in a position to be prosperous. One of the basic principles throughout the Word of God from creation is seedtime and harvest as well as the fact that everything reproduces after its own kind. Sowing money is geared to reap money not tomatoes or jalapeños. Paul made it real simple in telling the people that those who would sow sparingly would reap sparingly. Of course that would be the case, but when you start sowing then according to the Word the Father will multiply the seed you have sown. Well praise God, that means you don’t have to stay where you presently are financially because as you begin to sow your pocket book will grow. The part that has made the greatest impact on me over the years is Paul telling the people that they would have to purpose, determine, or decide in their own heart how much they would give. If giving is not motivated by a heart of love, both willingly and cheerfully then it won’t produce what the next verse promises. Paul went on to say when a person gave according to what we just saw He would release all grace in abundance toward the giver so they would always have all the sufficiency they needed for whatever. That is BIBLICAL PROSPERITY.

Pray this

Father, I know You want us to abound with BIBLICAL PROSPERITY, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this

Loving to give sets me up for abundance for all that needs to be done.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8//Romans 4//Matthew 3

Today’s word-Street version Proverbs 29


September//30/2017 Today’s word-New King James Version

Thought for today

I want to look at something Paul also shared with the church at Corinth that we have seen a parallel to here at chooselife. He began by talking about the grace the Lord Jesus displayed when He was made poor so we, through His poverty could be made rich. He then told the people to continue in their giving that they had started a year prior in order to reap its benefits. He made it clear that their willingness was the most important thing and not the amount they would be giving. This, my family, is where a whole lot of believers get hung up. They don’t realize that the Father just wants you to start where you are so you can be a part of something big that only He can put together. As the parable of the talents, Jesus didn’t expect the man with one hundred to do what those with two and five had, just what he had. Paul was pointing out in this time of ministry those that had more and those who had less would work together and both continue to grow and experience BIBLICAL PROSPERITY because they were working together. This doesn’t mean one is supposed to carry the load it means that it takes all of us carrying the load because we are a body. Whether a lot or a little it takes everyone’s love, devotion, and desire for the Father to accomplish the supernatural through us. The Father showed us how that works at chooselife and He can help you in all you do. BIBLICAL PROSPERITY is the will of God.

Pray this

Father, I will never settle for less than what You have for me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Confess this

BIBLICAL PROSPERITY is God’s will for me.