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February 20, 2018
Today’s Word
Malachi 3:6a …. For I am the Lord, I change not.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 20
Thought for today// What we saw a couple of days ago concerning God’s plan to hasten or make His Word happen caused me to remember one of His great characteristics: He won’t change. Because the Father is unchanging in His character we can approach Him confidently as our Father. We have access to His general will for all of us from the Word as well as confidence in His voice personally for specific direction. If He were schizophrenic as many in the church world believe, it would be impossible to have the faith necessary to receive from Him let alone please Him. What I’m saying is you must embrace what He is and how the Word says He is before you will ever have faith in what He says. Not to mention the fact your trust in what He says is the vehicle that creates revelation for every area of your life, heart, and soul. We will talk about this schizophrenic thing throughout the year because it is so foolish but also so dangerous, especially to young believers. Be wise and grateful, the Lord never changes.
Quote of the day// The Father won’t change but we need to.
Scripture reading// Acts 5//Luke 14


February 21, 2018
Today’s Word
Galatians 5:9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 21
Thought for today// The more you know about the Father and His character the more confidence you have in Him. Because our success as the children of God is strictly dependent on faith and not flesh or senses our constant battle is to not consider what we see, knowing that it is temporary. Now with the verse from yesterday we know that regardless of what we see the Father and His Word remains the same. Our nation used to be a nation where the citizens could count on certain things being the same just like night and day. Unfortunately, when a thing called compromise is tolerated then what was once unheard of begins to take over. That is exactly what Jesus talked to His disciples about in light of leaven or compromise. In order for you to continue to walk and see your life sustained by faith you must not allow unbelief or compromise to enter the equation. The only part of this that is challenging is it will be the people around you who will endeavor to get you to relax a little, ease up on the faith after all, we are not totally sure about this God and church thing. This same spirit was in the garden and when Adam and Eve fell for it the ultimate compromise took over.
Quote of the day// You may not see or taste urine in lemonade, but does that make it ok? (Compromise kills!)
Scripture reading// Acts 6//Luke 15


February 22, 2018
Today’s Word
John 6:68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 22
Thought for today// Let’s take yesterday’s thought a little further and look at some things that may be keeping your faith from producing as it should. Oh sure, there are a lot of things but let’s look at some of the very obvious. Number one, unbelief or doubt doesn’t just happen nor can it be forced on you; you choose what you believe. This revelation in and of itself can begin to set you free. When you know that what you do or don’t do cannot be pushed off on someone else it will change how you see your responsibility. The worst kind of bullying that can happen is that which is allowed by the one being bullied. That doesn’t mean we retaliate but it does mean we don’t allow what we really have faith in be stolen from us by whatever or whoever. Let me say something I haven’t said yet, your faith is precious. Having the Word and the faith to bring it to pass is the supernatural way the Father has made His life available to us. Precious faith like other things in the Word rendered precious, could be put at the top of the list. Since the faith we have been given and commanded to live by is our life-line then it must be the most precious, valuable force the Father has given us. Of course it is because He gave it with love and it works by love. The force of faith has no rival when you choose to release it.
Quote of the day// Unbelief and doubt can’t be forced on you; you choose what you believe.
Scripture reading// Acts 7//Luke 16


February 23, 2018
Today’s Word
Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 23
Thought for today// Faith is precious and we must continue to be willing to honor what is honorable. Doubt and unbelief are faith’s number one enemies, and knowing how precious it is reveals its potential and power. Most of our growth in the things of God, which will all be by faith will be attributable to knowing the price Jesus paid for us to have what we have. This is not something we will achieve in the sense realm but by this precious faith we have been given. As we will see throughout the year it’s the faith we have been given that gives us access to all we need to know, do, and enjoy. The number one goal of the enemy is to get you to question the Word and all its benefits. It’s interesting over the years that people talk about the subject of faith as if it were a subject. Faith is the power of the Father in His Word (Son) and released through the Spirit. Faith is not a message any more than love is a message. It is the Godhead indwelling the Word and producing itself for those who dare believe. Many Christians, because of their intellectual approach to the Word, will never understand the value and purpose for faith because they’re too dependent on what man has devised.
Quote of the day// Faith is no joke! It will destroy every yoke.
Scripture reading// Acts 8//Luke 17


February 24, 2018
Today’s Word
Hebrews 4:11 Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 24
Thought for today// If we have embraced the Lord Jesus as the assurance of our eternal life by faith why are we so stubborn about just using that same precious faith to receive the sum total of our salvation? This really is a legitimate question because if we aren’t, then why not? Is our eternal life really real to us? I don’t mean to ask such a provocative question but how can we be so confident in eternal life and yet blow off or marginalize the abundant life in this life which is in the eternal life we say we believe. Faith has the ability to do what we can’t without any pressure on us. Knowing the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice is the key to knowing the value and preciousness of faith as well as everything else that belongs to us in Him. Honestly, just like He and the Father are at rest in heaven they desire that we be at rest on earth. I believe most believers, part-time believers or unbelieving believers are the way they are because they are lazy. They like the sound of how things could be and should be, but living by faith seems a bit far out. No, what’s far out is the lack of knowledge in the power and value of faith.
Quote of the day// Bible-believing faith never says but.
Scripture reading// Acts 9//Luke 18


February 25, 2018
Today’s Word
Romans 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 25
Thought for today// “Thinking” as I mentioned yesterday is the beginning of figuring and reasoning, and when that progresses faith takes a back seat. All the promises of God as well as the gifts and giftings are not going to be pushy but must be acknowledged, sought after and embraced. You and I need to understand that the Father does not need anything from us except our faith and confidence in what He can do. Reason, human wisdom, and analysis to any degree absolutely shut down the power of faith. If we were in faith why would we be doing any figuring. Well, why? Our carnal nature detests the thought of not having a say or control. We clearly see from the garden, both the garden of Eden and the garden of Gethsemane if we aren’t on top of our senses they will lead us in the wrong direction. This year we will have many, many opportunities to choose between our senses, the opinions of men and having faith in the Word of God. When we allow the opinions of man, or even our own experiences to distract us from the Word, we are asking for trouble. Bowing to anything less than God’s Word has an ending no one wants to deal with. Adam and Eve’s ending resulted in death. However Jesus chose to walk by faith and restore life to all mankind. Don’t allow your senses to cheat you out of a life of faith and victory. Jesus paid for it.
Quote of the day// Your thinker doesn’t think in terms of faith so just tell it to hide and watch.
Scripture reading// Acts 10//Luke 19


February 26, 2018
Today’s Word
Romans 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 26
Thought for today// Your mind is at enmity with God. It not only opposes the Father but His Word and requires daily renewal in order to submit to the supernatural. In our church world many put more credence in the educational or theological realm than the spirit realm or the infallibility of the Word. Isn’t it interesting, that just like the secular world is always looking for a way to disprove things, or change things to suit their preferences, most intellectual Christians as well as seminaries do the same. I am not knocking greater biblical knowledge but when it endeavors to disprove of what the Word of God says then forget it. The intellectual crowd always trys to use their senses to determine if what Jesus paid for was in fact paid for. It seems they would rather argue than for a second believe that God could love them as much as He does. Again, remember the verse said the mind was incapable of going along with the Word of faith. Oh well, that’s no reason for us to stop, we have come this far and there is always more for those who walk by faith.
Quote of the day// Where the senses rule there will be a gathering of fools.
Scripture reading// Acts 11//Luke 20


February 27, 2018
Today’s Word
Mark 5:15 And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 27
Thought for today// One of my favorite Bible stories is about the madman of Gadara. Now he wasn’t just mad, he was tormented with foul spirits. He was the definition of one who was demon possessed. However, I believe he was supernaturally delivered and that same deliverance is available today by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Just because this was Jesus who spoke to the demons doesn’t mean we can’t do the same thing based on Jesus saying we would do what He did and more. That is the foolishness of unbelief to see exactly what is said in the Word as a direct result of God’s direction and then blow it off because of something called reason. The only thing reason will do is destroy your child-like faith and keep you in bondage to your senses all the days of your life. This man was delivered by the Word of God through Jesus and immediately the Word says he was found in his right mind, meaning he was no longer possessed by devils but sitting at the feet of Jesus all dressed and proper. What do you suppose the intellectuals thought? Here’s what they were, afraid. Same thing today. If you can’t explain something, out of fear of losing your position, you reason it away.
Quote of the day// The senses can’t explain faith so in fear they play the intellect card.
Scripture reading// Acts 12//Luke 21


February 28, 2018
Today’s Word
Galatians 5:6  For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.
Today’s Word-Street version
Proverbs 28
Thought for today// Oh don’t think, no pun intended, for a moment that we’re through talking about your number one enemy−your mind. Throughout the months ahead I want you to be sure that yours as well as the minds of those around you are going to be focused on stealing your faith. Of course there are things that can minimize your Christian life but none as quickly as you not having faith and confidence in your Father. We have talked about the fact already that it is faith that accesses all that belongs to you as a child of God. Your faith must operate by the love of God but without faith your love will only take you so far. You know why I said that because by love your faith works and by faith you walk in love. Stop and meditate on that a moment. You may see it again soon. We haven’t even scratched the surface of how precious our faith is and its ability to reveal our love to those around us. Being willing to meditate on the Word will increase your faith capacity as well as starve the unbelief that your mind will endeavor to promote. By meditation the Word of God infuses us with the seeds of prosperity and success that are up to us to believe and act on. Don’t let a defeated enemy rob you of your inherited right to walk by faith and love on purpose.
Quote of the day// By love your faith works and by faith you walk in love.
Scripture reading// Acts 13//Luke 22